Geolocation Services - mLocate

mLocate provides accuracy by utilizing the latest technology

We use the latest technology to provide location and information based services to our clients. Through mobile geolocation applications and Postcode/PAF integration, the mLocate product gives you access to information on end-user location behaviour which can be used for customer insights, compliance and analysis. We can verify the location of your customers, assets and/or personnel through address look-ups, beacon tracking and mobile geolocation features.

mLocate provides accurate location based information services using a combination of technology including beacons, wifi, direct and inferred, GPS and triangulation, mapped to a user’s mobile device.

Fixed Beacons

iBeacons are placed around a venue/location to provide context-related services to an App installed on a smartphone. For example iBeacons situated around museums can give visitors information on specific exhibits or provide geo-targeted offers in a retail environment.

Mobile Beacons

iBeacons are placed on moving objects (e.g. wristbands or cards carried by people, or on moveable objects) and are mapped by the network of detectors placed around a venue. For example our KeepSafe App that provides safety for children and vulnerable adults by safe-guarding their movements.