What's On Apps

Your events and locations at your customers fingertips

What's On App

Our purpose built mTarget provisioning platform enables clients full control of all marketing messaging and customer engagement through one management portal

Your App, Your Way

Customers will be able to download your bespoke native* app and search, browse, filter, share, favourite and receive information about events and activities of interest, directly from your organisation.

The standard What's On app will provide:

  • a home screen icon
  • a monthly calendar of events or activities
  • a day view of events
  • an event view showing times, location and description
  • search functionality
  • ability to 'favourite' events
  • social sharing of events
  • ability to add an event to the device's calendar
  • filtering by category
  • an 'about' page
  • a branded interface


You will have control of all messaging and information through our management portal, mCloud

The mCloud platform is a mobile CRM and content management system allowing:

  • events to be uploaded in bulk
  • individual events to be edited or removed
  • full or partial admin. control - depending on requirements
  • personalised notifications and messages
  • instant or scheduled notifications and messages
  • visitor preference and user experience data

Fixed beacon support

Used together with 'fixed-beacon' technology, the What's On app can enhance user experience and loyalty to your organisation.

Fixed beacons can be usefully located around a venue or at specific points of interest, communicating relevant information to your app quickly and efficiently. You can change the messages received from the beacons through the mCloud platform.

Data capture

The What's On app can benefit your business and inform your marketing plan by collecting data, for example:

  • date/time that a visitor went to the venue**
  • preferred events
  • response to push notifications
  • amount and type of app usage
  • device information
  • research information such as feedback
  • the physical journey a customer takes**

*designed for Android and iOS technology

** fixed beacon functionality only

Connect with your customers

If the What's On app is of interest to your organisation, please contact us.

Also download the What's On data sheet here